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August 2018 Success Stories

Congratulations to Antonini & Cohen client Jose Lopez Campos for being approved for naturalization! Jose is pictured here with Antonini & Cohen partner Marshall Cohen right after his USCIS interview.

The end of a journey is near! Laura Graves was just for naturalization – congratulations! Laura is shown here with her husband Raymond and Antonini & Cohen immigration law attorney Marshall Cohen.

Jean-Claude Kocou stopped by the Antonini & Cohen office to pick up his green card. Thanks to attorney Kathleen Hoyos, his I-130 and I-485 were approved in just 5 months – lightning speed for USCIS. Congratulations, Jean-Claude!

Congratulations to Loan and Florentina Balta for passing their naturalization exam. We’re so excited that they will be sworn in soon as US citizens! The happy couple is pictured here with immigration attorney Marshall Cohen.

Congratulations to the Zarate family on their U visa grants! Pictured here with immigration attorney Kathleen Hoyos are Gloria Zarate, her husband Diego Zarate, and their children Dania and Denis.

Congratulations to Kristian Gonzalez Perez, a single mother of two daughters who just received her U visa approval after a four-year wait. Immigration attorney Kathleen Hoyos played a strong role in making this happen.

We’re happy to reunite Ana Granados de Amaya with her husband Luis Amaya after 10 years of separation. Ana entered the United States as a Legal Permanent Resident in April thanks to immigration attorneys Carolina Antonini and Kathleen Hoyos.

Congratulations to Martin, David and Petra Valkysers for obtaining their green cards!

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