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Meet the Antonini & Cohen Team: Carlos Alfaro

When Carlos Alfaro graduated  from Marietta High School in 2002, he didn’t set out to work in immigration law. He had seen his family go through process of immigration when they moved from Peru, but he pursued a business degree in accounting. It wasn’t until he connected with his school advisor’s daughter – an attorney at another immigration firm – that he found a career path that truly resonated with him. He started as a part-time receptionist and soon was promoted to full-time assistant, and then a paralegal.

Before long, Carlos made the move to Antonini & Cohen as a paralegal. “Every day, cases are so different,” he says. “Even though the processes are similar, every individual is unique and brings new challenges.” It’s that variety, the challenges, and the people that fuel his passion for the job.

When he’s not assisting Antonini & Cohen clients, Carlos has quite an interesting mix of hobbies! He is a enthusiastic mechanic. Almost every weekend, he helps a friend with cars and other automobiles. He credits his uncle for teaching him how to work on cars. As you can imagine, he always works on his own car – no matter what the issue is!

On the flip side, he is an avid fan of estate sales. “I’m always looking for those special treasures,” he says. His best find? The Swiss watch he bought for pennies! And then there’s Simba, his four-legged friend who is always a delight to spend time with.

Like all Antonini & Cohen employees, Carlos loves food. He brings his lunch most days but loves visiting his favorite spots. He recommends La Pastorcita, a Mexican eatery on Buford Highway, and Kuroshio Sushi Bar in Smyrna.

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