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Meet the Antonini & Cohen team: Carlos Wackel

Carlos Wackel - A&C

Growing up, Carlos saw the struggles of immigrants, including his mother, and he wanted to help. He wasn’t positive he wanted to be an attorney, but he was already able to serve as an interpreter. “I definitely wanted to help out in the process,” he says. His skills were a blessing for the community as he worked at a school doing interpreting and translating. In addition to helping at parent-teacher conferences, he worked with teachers in the classroom as a paraprofessional.

Carlos also worked in a customer service retail setting and in his father’s machine shop in Nebraska. He had the opportunity to run machines, cut metal, and other hands-on skills.

After college, Carlos moved to Atlanta. It wasn’t long before he saw a job opening at Antonini & Cohen, joining the firm in August 2019. “The atmosphere at Antonini & Cohen is the best,” Carlos says. “We all work well as a team, and everyone has each other’s backs. The team always has a good attitude and shares the same goal of helping our clients.”

When he’s not on the job, you can find Carlos working out at the gym, sharing a meal with family, and watching soccer. His favorite teams are Real Madrid from Spain and Liverpool from England. While he brings his lunch most days, he also enjoys the Havana Sandwich Shop on Buford Highway just down the road from the Antonini & Cohen office.

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