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Meet the Antonini & Cohen Team: Sara Edwards

Sara Edwards joined Antonini & Cohen as a paralegal in 2013—just as Carolina Antonini and Marshall Cohen combined firms. The new, expanded practice gave Sara the chance to put her advanced Spanish interpreting skills to good use while learning the ins and outs of immigration law.

Sara Ugalde

Wanting to channel her artistic talents into a profession after college, Sara initially pursued graphic design jobs but found them tough to find in a struggling economy. Instead, she went to work at a glass and copper art studio and taught Spanish as a private instructor—something she still enjoys doing today.

Her secretarial work at the art studio eventually brought her to a small law firm where she worked as a legal assistant, helping with personal injury, criminal, and immigration cases. Wanting to get more involved in immigration case management, she interviewed with Marshall, a family friend, and joined the A&C team shortly after. “The new Antonini & Cohen was much bigger than the first firm I worked for, so it felt more hectic but also more fun,” Sara said. “I like the dynamics and the many opportunities to share ideas with the team.”

Four years in, Sara is considering going back to school, possibly at night or online so she can continue to help clients at Antonini & Cohen. “I want to help all of the families who come through our practice, especially at this tough time,” she said. “When you see the happiness and excitement of a reunited family, it makes this job so worthwhile and satisfying.”

When she’s not at work, Sara lives up to her Blue Zone roots and spends time biking, going to the park, and hiking with her family—basically anything that keeps her away from household chores, she jokes. She also cooks at home and frequents Las Delicias de la Abuela, a Colombian restaurant and a favorite of fellow A&C team member Kathleen Hoyos. With some Chinese ancestry, Sara also likes to try out Buford Highway’s Asian restaurants, especially Food Terminal and Korean tofu house, So Kong Dong. And she hasn’t forgotten her arts background, either. When she gets a chance to unwind, Sara creates Japanese animation, digital art, and even the occasional oil painting.

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