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Meet the Antonini & Cohen Team: Sofia Delgado

From Mexico to Australia to the United States, Sofia Delgado has led quite a journey. While in Australia studying at Hillsong International College, she met a Georgia man who was also a student there. They married and finished their studies, which brought her to Georgia in 2014.

Already having her green card, Sofia needed to apply for naturalization. In learning about the process, she encountered Carolina Antonini on YouTube. She explored more on the Antonini & Cohen website and noticed they also had job openings. With her background as an administrative assistant, she applied and was hired as a paralegal.

“The whole immigration process was frustrating for me. I want to help other people because I understand the struggle,” she says. “Working with our clients at Antonini & Cohen, I get to do that every day. This company is like a family. Everyone is here for everyone else. We support each other and help each other find solutions to problems all the time.”

Outside of work, Sofia enjoys volunteering at her church and listening to true crime podcasts. She also dances and sings, including for some events with her husband who is a musician. Around lunchtime, you might bump into her at I Love Pho (a Vietnamese noodle soup shop) on Buford Highway near the Antonini & Cohen office.

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