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A I-140

Schedule A I-140

Schedule A I-140

Most employment-based green card applications require a PERM Labor Certification in which the US Department of Labor certifies there are no available qualified, able workers, and that the hiring of non-US workers will not negatively affect US wages. Cases falling under Schedule A bypass the need for a test of the labor market and application with the US Department of Labor under the standard PERM labor certification process. While this does not necessarily mean that all cases are approvable or will be handled quickly, this process allows such cases to skip the first and most time-consuming part of the employment-based green card process. Schedule A cases are initiated through the filing of an I-140 petition with USCIS in either the EB-2 or EB-3 classification, depending upon the position requirements. ​
The U.S.

The US Department of Labor has a list of “Schedule A” occupations which currently includes two groups:​

Group I:  Physical Therapists and Professional Nurses.

Group II: Individuals of “exceptional ability” in the sciences and arts, including college and university teachers.

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