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Breaking News – DACA Update Aug 31 2018

The federal judge in Texas who received the first law suit challenging the constitutional validity of DACA, a suit brought by 13 states, including Georgia, has issued a ruling. Judge Andrew Hanen refused to end the program for now. While Judge Hanen’s decision makes it clear that he believes the program is unconstitutional, he held that ending it at this point would cause too much harm to recipients and that the states waited too long to oppose the program, in fact they waited years after its first implementation. Judge Hanen encouraged Congress to act. This ruling provides a safe haven to DACA recipients for now.

Antonini & Cohen encourages all DACA holders to renew their DACA and anyone who applied in the past but who were either not granted or who failed to renew, should meet with one of our attorneys to determine whether applying is possible and probable.

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