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On April 29, 2021, the Supreme Court of the United States issued a decision that will help many individuals who have orders of removal or who are currently in removal proceedings before an Immigration Judge.

The Notice to Appear (“NTA”), the document that was given to you when you were first placed in removal proceedings, may be defective. Examples of a defective NTA include a failure to specify a time, place or date of hearing. View an example here.

If you believe that your NTA is defective, please call our office and schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys. All consultations will require a fee of $300. We urge you to act quickly because you are required to meet what is called “due diligence”. This means that you must file promptly upon learning of the change of law you risk giving up your rights.

To schedule a consultation, please call your case manager or reception at 404-523-8141.

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