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How To Get a Social Security Number and Driver’s License: An Atlanta Green Card Attorney Explains

Through the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services (US CIS), you can now request a Social Security Number (SSN) as part of the green card and work permit process. A Social Security Number is only given to immigrants authorized to work in the United States. So if you enter the country as a visitor, you usually aren’t allowed to get a Social Security Number.

If you haven’t already received your Social Security Number or Driver’s License, the Atlanta green card lawyers at Antonini & Cohen recommend you follow the steps below after your visa, work permit or green card is approved:

Step 1: Visit your local Social Security Office (find an office near you on its website) and apply for either a Social Security Number if you’re authorized to work in the United States, or a letter of ineligibility (SSAL 676) if you’re not authorized. It’s important to keep proof of your application, too. You can learn more about the required documents and other helpful information online at the Social Security Administration website and in the detailed documentation they provide.

You should note that it can take 10 days (or sometimes longer) for the Social Security Office to verify your immigration information.

Step 2: Let your employer know your Social Security Number application is being processed. You don’t need to wait for your Social Security Number to be approved in order to begin working. Be sure to share this information with your employer’s human resource (HR) department to help it set up your payroll records while you wait for your Social Security Number to be approved.

Step 3: Apply for your Driver’s License. In Georgia, you must provide your Social Security Number or a letter of ineligibility (SSAL 676) in order to receive a Driver’s License. Find out more about the documentation needed for a Georgia Driver’s License online.

Call Antonini and Cohen for Help

The experienced Atlanta green card attorneys at Antonini & Cohen are always here to help you with these and other immigration matters. Please contact us at 404-850-9394. We look forward to helping you!

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