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Supreme Court Upholds DACA Program – Victory for Dreamers!

Today, June 18th, 2020, the Supreme Court blocked the Trump administration’s efforts to end the DACA program. This is a huge victory for Dreamers! In a 5-4 ruling, the Supreme Court found that the administration’s decision to end the DACA program violated the Administrative Procedure Act, and that the decision to rescind DACA must be vacated.

The ruling leaves the door open for Trump to rescind the program in the future and thus we urge Dreamers to remain vigilant, apply timely and seek professional legal help so that they make the most of this window of opportunity which, depending on the outcome of the election, could be short-lived.

If you or someone you know was previously unable to apply for DACA, please contact the Antonini & Cohen office immediately! DACA remains valid, and we can help you determine if you qualify. Visit, or call 404-850-9394.

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