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US Supreme Court, Rejecting Trump Petition, Lets DACA Program Continue

The Trump Administration asked the Supreme Court to hear the decision of a California federal court’s order that temporarily paused a move to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program without first allowing the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals review.

The Supreme Court DENIED the Administration’s request.

The U.S. Supreme Court didn’t say why it declined to take up the federal government’s appeal of a district court’s DACA ruling before the Ninth Circuit finished its review, probably because the Court disfavors established systems of appeals and procedures. This does not mean that the Supreme Court will not hear the issue of DACA, it simply means that it will consider taking up the question after the Ninth Circuit has completed review and if certiorari is requested.

This is good news to all DACA recipients because it gives them more time to participate in the program while giving law makers more time to seek a permanent solution.

Antonini & Cohen urge all persons who have DACA to renew their work permits. We also encourage all persons who had DACA in the past but do not have it presently, to schedue a consultation with one of our attorneys to determine if they are a good candidate for re-applying.

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