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What to do if I lose my Green Card

Losing your Green Card can be stressful, but don't panic! 🛑

✋ Remember, your Green Card is just proof of your status as a lawful permanent resident. Even if it's lost, your status remains intact. However, let's make sure you have the necessary documents to show for it. 📑🔐

Here's what you should do:

1️⃣ Visit the USCIS website to file an application for a Green Card replacement. 💻📝

2️⃣ Once you receive the receipt, schedule an info pass appointment at USCIS. Bring your passport along. 🗓️🛂

3️⃣ During your appointment, USCIS will grant you a stamp in your passport, reaffirming your lawful permanent resident status. 📥✅

4️⃣ With this stamp, you can now obtain a driver's license in most states. 🚗📄

💼 Don't hesitate to contact us if you find yourself in this situation. We'll guide you every step of the way and ensure a smooth process. 🌟

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