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Are you a HR professional or foreign national dealing with layoffs? Here's what you need to know

🔹 Here’s five things you need to know if you’re an HR professional or foreign national dealing with layoffs:

1️⃣ This can impact nonimmigrant status or those on a work permit based on a Green Card through employment or their spouse’s work visa.

2️⃣ Most nonimmigrant visas provide a 60-day grace period for filing a change of status, changing employers, or leaving the United States.

3️⃣ Some work visas, like E-2 or L-1 visas, present challenges when changing employers.

4️⃣ Layoffs can affect pending Green Card applications and labor certifications of other foreign nationals with the same employer.

5️⃣ Foreign Nationals facing a layoff should always consult with an immigration attorney who does not represent their employer.

🌐 Contact our immigration law firm for expert guidance and support in navigating these complex matters. We're here to help! 🤝✨

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