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How to Avoid the Holiday Rush

Pro Tips for a Smooth Immigration Journey During the Holidays!

1️⃣ Double-Check Your Route: Ensure a hassle-free submission by confirming the correct address on your RFE or USCIS website. Precision is key!

2️⃣ Time is of the Essence: Send your documents well in advance to dodge unexpected delays caused by weather or the festive season postal frenzy.

3️⃣ Mark Your Calendar: Federal holidays affect both mail and USCIS. Be in the know about office closures on your package's expected delivery date. 

4️⃣ Certified Delivery, Peace of Mind: Always opt for certified mail to keep tabs on your package. Track its journey, guarantee timely delivery, and eliminate uncertainties.

📞 Got questions? We're here! Dial us for a stress-free journey. We Know How.

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