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New Georgia HB1105 Bill

Updated: Jul 10

Attention everyone! 📢 The passing of the new Georgia HB1105 Bill has brought significant changes to our immigration laws. It’s crucial to understand how these changes might impact you and your loved ones.

What is the GA HB1105 Bill?

The new GA Bill will mandate that all police departments in Georgia contact ICE if an arrested individual is suspected of being undocumented.

IMPORTANT: Police cannot arrest someone for being "illegal" (actual word used in the law).

Once the individual is arrested for a suspected crime and is taken to the police office for processing, question about immigration status will be asked. If the person is deemed to be "illegal", the police are required to call ICE:

ICE WILL HAVE 48 HOURS TO INTERVIEW AND PICK UP THE PERSON. If ICE doesn't pick up the person or tells the county that they are not interested, the person will be released with whatever their criminal bond or conditions are. If ICE is interested, ICE will arrest and process the person. Then it will be up to Immigration authorities to determine whether they will release the persona (on bond, own recognizance, or humanitarian grounds). ICE also has to decide if they will persue removal or deportation charges against the person.

What to do?


Carry your immigration documents: card, receipt, or any other document that shows a process is pending or a status has been granted.


Avoid activities that can result in arrest, such as driving without a license, drug use, altercations, DUI, and other offenses.


Have a plan by consulting with an attorney to understand what your options are. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to this issue; different people will be entitled to or eligible for various protections and relief in different ways.

If you have an immigration lawyer, reach out to them immediately to get personalized advice on how HB1105 affects you.

If you don’t have a lawyer, now is the time to act! Our dedicated team is here to help. Book a consultation with us to ensure you’re prepared and informed.

Stay up-to-date, stay protected. Your future matters! 🌟

Call us at (404) 523-8141 or contact us via our online form to schedule a consultation so we can assess your eligibility for this new program.

At Antonini and Cohen, we know how!

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