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Attorney Nisha Karnani Interviewed by India West Newspaper

Antonini & Cohen Immigration Law Group attorney Nisha Karnani was interviewed for the India West article, “Abused Spouses of Non-Immigrants Eligible to Work in U.S.” On March 8, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services announced that H-4 visa holders, including some who have lost H-4 status due to circumstances such as divorce, can now apply for work authorization if they are victims of domestic violence.

In the article, Nisha discusses the challenges immigrants face when they are involved in abusive marriages. They are often terrified of calling the police, for fear of losing their immigration status or their children. Abusers may use immigration status as a weapon, and immigrant victims may not have access to identity documents or the ability to apply for a green card. While work authorization is not a path to a green card, it offers a chance for victims to leave their abusive homes.

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