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February 2018 Success Stories

Congratulations to the Zarate family on their U visa grants! Pictured here with immigration attorney Kathleen Hoyos are Gloria Zarate, her husband Diego Zarate, and their children Dania and Denis.

Garcia Family

We are so happy to be able to reunite the Garcia family after more than 15 years apart! With help from immigration attorneys Carolina Antonini and Kathleen Hoyos, Eulalia Garcia Jacinto was able to complete the family petition process and bring her son Enrique Escobar Garcia to the U.S. from Guatemala. Congratulations!

A happy client

We are very excited to announce that the immigration judge granted Carissa Banks lawful permanent resident status (i.e. she will receive a green card)! After 15 years of effort in trying to gain permanent resident status, Carissa turned to Antonini & Cohen. We were able to get ICE to join us in a motion to re-open her case, and the rest is history! Congratulations also go to immigration attorney Marshall Cohen (pictured with Carissa) for his creative thinking.


Antonini & Cohen client Lorenzo Velazquez Sanchez has been reunited with his family! After Lorenzo was detained 10 months ago, the immigration judge would not grant bond or relief from removal. We appealed the case to the Board of Immigration Appeals. After the BIA granted our appeal, the immigration judge finally released Lorenzo. Thanks to immigration attorneys Marshall Cohen and Kathleen Hoyos, who handed the appeal at no charge, this horrible ordeal had a happy ending

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