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Meet the Antonini & Cohen Team: Marshall Cohen, Partner

Born and raised in Montgomery, Alabama, Marshall Cohen has always been interested in helping people and learning about other cultures and countries. After studying political science at the University of Florida, he worked in Israel for two years before going back to law school at the University of Georgia. “I’d wanted to go to law school since I was little, and it seemed like the best way to combine my interests,” he says.

After becoming a lawyer, it wasn’t long before he decided to focus on immigration law. “People come here from other countries and cultures, and they don’t understand our strange, complex processes,” he says. “The laws and environment are constantly changing, and dealing with the government is a challenge. I knew I could help these people and make a difference in keeping families together. Immigration law was exactly what I was looking for!”

Marshall met Antonini & Cohen’s other founding partner, Carolina Antonini, in the 1990s through Catholic Social Services, where they became good friends. As jobs evolved, they stayed in touch. In 2011, they had dinner together and talked about joining forces to grow a combined firm. That dinner led to the formation of Antonini & Cohen!

After so many years practicing immigration law, Marshall has seen some really interesting cases! His first sports athlete client was a Romanian weightlifter who didn’t want to return to Romania after the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. He’s also worked with some of the best track and field athletes in the world. “I enjoy following their careers,” he says. “It’s gratifying to be able to create the conditions that allow them to thrive.” Today, his most memorable cases are when a client is on the verge of being deported and he convinces the immigration judge to grant relief. “It’s very rewarding to help good people stay in the US and keep families together.”

In addition to his memorable cases, Marshall has seen many changes with immigration law in the United States. Unfortunately, not all of it is positive. “There’s less discretion now in the deportation area and fewer forms of relief,” he says. “ICE and CIS are harder to deal with than ever before, and everything requires a lot more work as our government tries to decrease the flow of legal immigration.”

Marshall stays busy outside of Antonini & Cohen! He has two children and loves to bike, run, do yoga, and row. Traveling is also a big part of his life, whether it’s to Birmingham for family, Israel for bike riding, Costa Rica for scuba diving, or out west for camping and dude ranches! South America is next on his travel wish list. He also tutors a student at Hightower Elementary, serves on the board of his local synagogue and the Southeast Region of Friends of the IDF.

When he’s hungry for a bite to eat, Marshall loves Middle Eastern food and pizza. Some of his favorite restaurants include Hearth, Lee’s Bakery, Mona Lisa, and Sweet Tomatoes.

If you’re in need of a US immigration lawyer, contact Marshall Cohen at to start discussing your case today!

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