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Breaking News – DACA Update Nov 2020

A federal judge has ruled that limiting applications and renewals for the DACA program are invalid because Chad Wolf was not legally serving as acting secretary for Homeland Security–This makes those rules invalid, keeping the dream alive for the DREAMers.

At Antonini & Cohen, we are not recommending filing initial DACA requests unless cleared at a consultation appointment by one of our immigration attorneys. Initial requests have risks and benefits that must be discussed prior to filing. For example, some cases carry a risk of triggering removal (deportation) proceedings, and these DACA recipients may not have a strong deportation defense.

Regarding advance parole for current DACA holders, our office additionally recommends caution. We must assess the risks and benefits of advance parole at a consultation appointment. There is still much uncertainty surrounding USCIS’s future plans for the DACA program and the COVID-19 pandemic presents additional travel barriers to consider.

There is not a one-size-fits-all answer to most DACA questions right now. We are happy to discuss what is best for your family at your consultation appointment. Contact us. Our offices are open. We are scheduling in-person, phone, and video consultations.


The experienced attorneys and staff at Antonini & Cohen are committed to helping non-citizens achieve their American Dream and avoid deportation. Visit us online or call us at (404) 850-9394 for assistance with any immigration issue you’re facing.

Do you have a question not covered here? Contact us to ask a question today!

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