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Fulfilling Immigration Dreams in 2019

When I look back on 2019, I do so with great pride. Despite a year of turmoil within the U.S. immigration system, the team at Antonini & Cohen was able to bring relief, comfort, and life-altering solutions to our clients.

Each family comes to Antonini & Cohen with their personal circumstances, immigration challenges, and goals. They also come with their own highly personalized needs for achieving their version of the American Dream. Each day, I’m inspired to be a part of these journeys. It means the world to me when I’m able to put my clients on the path to fulfilling their dreams. I share the success stories below with great pride; please join me in celebrating these wins for our clients from the past year:

  1. A professional football player had applied for his green card based on extraordinary ability – and he had been denied. We refiled and used a different approach from the first application. When we used a different set of criteria to prove his extraordinary ability, USCIS granted our visa petition.

  2. Our client had suffered persecution under the Maduro regime in Venezuela. ICE detained her, and the immigration judge denied her bond. We succeeded in winning her asylum case. This was a big win and a huge relief since the grant rate for asylum in the Atlanta courts is less than 2%.

  3. Although our client had been ordered deported years ago, he never left because he was suffering from advanced dementia. The immigration judge granted our Motion to Reopen, and now we will be able to file for his green card through his U.S. citizen son. 

  4. An immigration judge refused to grant bond to our client because he had been convicted of a DUI. At the individual merits hearing, we persuaded the judge that our client’s deportation would cause “exceptional and extremely unusual hardship” to his young son, a U.S. citizen. The immigration judge granted cancellation of removal, and our client was released from detention and now has his green card. 

  5. When our client was detained, we filed a motion for bond with the immigration judge in Atlanta. When we explained the circumstances of our client’s dispute and why she had been arrested, the immigration judge granted a reasonable bond despite the pending charges.

  6. Our client was ordered deported for failing to appear at his removal hearing several years ago. We filed a motion to reopen, explaining that our client never received the notice of hearing. The immigration judge granted our motion and reopened the case.

  7. Our client had previously received an order of withholding of removal, which allowed her to remain in the U.S. indefinitely with no status at the pleasure of ICE. We filed a Motion to Recalendar based on her marriage to a U.S. citizen. The immigration judge granted our motion, and now we will move forward with applying for our client’s green card based on her marriage.

— Marshall Cohen

Get Help in 2020 from Atlanta Immigration Attorneys Who Care

Words can never fully express the joy we feel when our clients are able to pursue the lives they want to live in America. Last year, the immigration attorneys at Antonini & Cohen worked diligently to help our clients achieve their American dreams. We care about our clients and their families, and we care about delivering the results and the solutions they need to thrive and prosper in the United States. This year is starting out busier than ever, and we’re excited to continue helping our clients and their families. To speak with one of our attorneys about your particular situation, contact us for a consultation at 404-850-9394.

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