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My loved one just got detained – What do I do?

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Part 1 – The Bond Process

If a loved one is detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the ICE officer responsible for the case will:

  1. Grant a bond for a certain amount – your friend or family member will be released upon payment of the bond amount;

  2. Grant release without requiring payment of a bond; or

  3. Deny bond altogether.

What happens if bond is denied?

If the ICE officer denies bond or sets a bond amount too high, your loved one may ask an immigration judge (IJ) for a bond redetermination. This is done via a written motion supported by evidence. The evidence must convince the IJ that:

  1. Your loved one is not a threat to person or property; and

  2. He or she will be present at all future immigration court hearing.

After receipt of the written motion and supporting evidence, the IJ will hold a bond redetermination hearing where he will either grant bond in an amount of $1,500 or higher, or deny bond altogether. Which will keep the person in question detained.

If bond is granted by the immigration judge, can the decision be appealed?

ICE will be represented by an attorney at