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The AJC Calls on A&C Attorneys for Commentary on Immigration Issues

Antonini & Cohen attorney Sarah Owings was quoted in an April 17 Atlanta Journal-Constitution article entitled “Feds, states readying for U.S. Supreme Court showdown over immigration.”

The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments earlier in April on President Obama’s executive actions on immigration that could provide work permits and deportation deferrals to millions of eligible immigrants. Sarah commented about her client Rodriguez Valladolid, “If the court upholds the president’s actions, he and his wife could potentially qualify for three-year work permits through DAPA and maybe even Georgia driver’s licenses as a result.” Click here to read the full article on the myAJC website.

Antonini & Cohen partner Carolina Antonini was quoted in an April 3 Atlanta Journal-Constitution article about people being released from immigration detention centers in Georgia. Carolina commented that “it makes sense to release some people from detention when they do not endanger public safety, aren’t a flight risk and need expensive medical care that could cost taxpayers.” Click here to read the full article on the myAJC website.

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