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The Immigration Impact of the Election

We understand that the result of last night’s election is causing anxiety for many of you. We too are very concerned, but we want to emphasize a few things that hopefully will make the situation easier to bear.

  1. We are a nation of laws. Regardless of who occupies the White House and Congress, every single person in the U.S., regardless of whether authorized, has a constitutional right to due process and equal protection that no person or institution can take away. Laws might change, but your rights do not.

  2. Much of the rhetoric and noise made about immigration during the election was hype, unrealistic, and meant for no purpose other than to stir the emotions of an embittered portion of the electorate. Thus there will be no house to house hunts for unauthorized foreign nationals, no mass deportations, and no suspension of constitutional rights.

  3. We can, though, expect an atmosphere of stricter enforcement of the immigration laws. Therefore now is the time to contact us to apply for any immigration benefits or relief that you are eligible for.

Despite efforts to characterize it so, this election was not a referendum on immigration. Even though it was often drowned out by the negative noise generated during the election, the fact remains that the American public overwhelmingly supports continued immigration as well as updating our immigration system.

Please know that we at Antonini & Cohen Immigration Law Group support you and are here to help you in every way possible to navigate your immigration issues. We will continue to vigorously represent our clients before USCIS, Immigration Court, the Federal Courts, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and Customs and Border Patrol. We pledge to continue to keep you updated of possible changes in immigration law or policy via our blog and social media. Most importantly, we pledge to continue fighting for humane and fair immigration outcomes that protect families, businesses and those needing safe haven. We deeply value immigrants, and we know our work in this anxious period is more important than ever.

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